Plumbers play a critical role in enhancing the drainage system in your home and keeping most of the plumbing problems. However, you need to know that you don’t need a plumber only when your faucets, sewer pipes, water heater, sinks, and water lines aren’t working. You also need them when you are planning on investing in some smart plumbing solutions to upgrade your current plumbing system. Today, most homeowners are doing everything possible to have a cost-effective and eco-friendly plumbing system for convenience and comfort purposes. If you also feel you need a plumbing system with smart features, here are three solutions a competent plumber can help you install. 

A Smart Toilet

If you have had problems with your current toilet, you can call to A+ Plumbing & Rootering, Inc to find out how the problem could be resolved. Installing a smart toilet is one of the best ways to avoid problems with your current toilet. Smart toilets have numerous advantages over their regular counterparts. They also come with features you can hardly find with ordinary toilets.

Some of the features you find in a smart toilet include built-in sensors, remote control, foot warmer, and self-deodorizer. They also usually come with a nightlight, massaging bidet wash, heated seating, and automatic flushing. And although you might spend some more money installing them, the comfort and convenience you enjoy are worth it.

Came home from a Christmas holidays road trip to a leaking water heater on a Friday afternoon before a long New Year’s weekend. They gave me a quote ($1,600) and booked me for the following day (Saturday) between 11 & 2. They showed up at 11:30 and were out before 2! Fantastic service, upgraded the code work on the installation and left the place cleaner than they found it for $1,601. Thanks WHO! Great experience and I feel good about the new model.

Sanora B.

Smart Fixtures Like Faucets

There is no problem with installing the regular faucets in your home. However, if you want to get some smart types, a plumber can help you install a digital faucet or even hands-free ones. You may also choose to install a combination of these two types. Digital faucets are popular today because they are more efficient, durable, and easy to install. In fact, you can install individual digital faucets or install them in full-piece sets. Digital faucets display water temperature, making it easier for you to adjust it based on your needs. 

Hands-free faucets also come with some benefits. For instance, they offer convenience and ensure germs and other microbes don’t quickly spread to other users. You can also go for the faucets with both the touchless and digital features because they help you save more water, bringing your water bills down.

Smart Leak Detectors

As a homeowner, you should do all you can to avoid major leaks because they can cause substantial structural damage to your residential property. Moreover, leaks contribute a lot to the higher water bills you receive each month. Unfortunately, some leaks are hard to detect using regular tools. If you don’t want to experience hidden leaks in your home, you can invest in smart leak detectors. They aren’t just affordable, they are also portable. This means you can use them to detect leaks in the bathroom sinks, attic, basement, and behind toilets. It will also allow you to contact a plumber in good time to fix them before serious problems occur.

Replacing your current plumbing system with a smart plumbing system is an incredible idea. You just need to talk to a local plumber to help you know the smart plumbing features you need for it. They will help you choose the top-quality ones and also install them for you.