Toilet Repair

Here at A+ Plumbing & Rootering, Inc. we have worked with all of the major makes and models of toilet, so we are sure we can work with yours. No matter how your tank works, whether it is low-flow or not, we’ll figure out what has gone wrong.

If your toilet is actively overflowing and it won’t stop, turn off your water before you call us. You may be able to reach a knob behind your toilet, or you can turn off the main water line to your home. This is usually located in your utility area, outside, or in your garage. It’s a good idea to find this before you have an emergency, but it’s usually fairly easy to locate even if you haven’t.

Once you have the water stopped, call us for your repair. We’ll get to you as fast as we can, since we understand how hard it is to live without a toilet! Then we’ll make a plan and complete your repair fast.

Sometimes, it’s in your best interests to replace your toilet rather than to repair it. We’ll always tell you if this is true for your home! We’ll never set you up to need more plumbing repairs or to have to call us again!

Toilet Replacement

Do you need a new toilet? Whether your current one isn’t working or you just want something new in your bathroom, we’ll help you select a toilet you can rely on.

When we make suggestions, we’ll only recommend brands and models that we trust and that we would put in our own homes. You can always rest assured that we are using our years of experience to help you find the very best toilet for your home!

We can also recommend toilets tailored to your particular needs. If you are going for a certain look in your bathroom or want to save water, we’ll recommend toilets that meet your needs and that should work well for a long time. For instance, we know which water-saving toilets tend to back up and which ones won’t.

Once you’ve chosen your new toilet, we’ll get it installed just right. We always test everything before we go, just to make sure it’s working well. We’ll update you on any care or maintenance items you need to know for your new toilet, then get out of your way.

Having your toilet break down is a terrible feeling, but we’ll make you feel better by fixing it fast and getting everything up and running for you again fast! Call us today with all of your toilet needs 818-757-7741.

A+ Plumbing & Rootering is the most trusted plumbing service in Los Angeles because we combine professional plumbing installation services with friendly, courteous service. We value our customers and respect their homes—it’s why we keep our work areas neat and wear protective footwear while working indoors. These are just the little things we do to make sure your experience with A+ Plumbing & Rootering is the best you’ve ever had with a plumbing service.

Rear flush toilets compact. With a rear flush toilet, the pressure is much higher due to pressure-assisted devices that add more power to each flush.

Call our office, schedule a appointment and we will have one of our team members out in no time to clear the drain line and fee the clog.

If we can’t find parts or if we have already replaced parts and the toilet is not working still then the next step would be to replace. Putting more time and money into a toilet tank parts isn’t necessary if it can be sold quickly by replacing the toilet with new, better, water efficient unit.

As the name suggests, this kind of flush toilet depends on gravity to pull the waste down the pipes and requires a lot of water as well.

A double cyclone flush toilet uses two nozzles backed by a propulsion system that allows more water to circulate in a cyclone motion.

A pressure-assisted toilet will use pressurized air to push water into the bowl. As a result, it is a powerful system that’s suitable for large bowls.

True to the name, this kind of flush system will push air into the vent pipe before it opens for the waste. The air will then create a vacuum that pulls the waste through.

A tank fill valve flush system uses a floating ball attached to a floating rod to fill the tank. The rod is the one that activates the plunger on the floating ball to either allow or stop water from flowing into the tank.

Toto toilet is an affordable toilet if you are an average homeowner. It comes in a 1.6 gallons per flush. We highly recommend Toto toilets. There are different styles and colors. White is standard and different colors are special order. Call our office for more information at 818-757-7741

The American Standard toilet has a siphon flush system that enables it to use less water. If you are on a budget, the American Standard’s water efficiency, coupled with the classic style, will appeal to you. The toilet is also easy to install though you will need to buy the seat separately.

Is accessibility a concern? Then the Toto Drake II is a good option due to its modern seat height. It is relatively quiet and friendly to your pocket. The Toto Drake II is also efficient, flushing at an impressive 1.28 gallons per flush.

IWhen you need a toilet for a small bathroom or apartment, then the Saniflo 023 should be on your radar. You can connect it to a sink, and the vertical pumping system will deliver enough power to clean it.

The Swiss Madison Ivy is an elongated toilet that keeps the flushing noise to a minimum. It has a design that makes it easy to maintain and clean. Since the Swiss Madison Ivy toilet features a groove-less design, it’s ideal for modern bathrooms or smaller spaces.

Can You Situate a Toilet Anywhere in Your House?

Toilet Installation and Location

Many homeowners are used to the typical locations for a toilet being in the bathroom and maybe a bedroom. So, it comes as a shock to these homeowners when they realize you can install a toilet anywhere in their house.

In the past, that kind of flexibility to install a toilet wherever you wanted was not readily available. If you desired to have a toilet in your basement, for example, you would have needed to factor in significant plumbing work.

Nowadays, you can use a macerating toilet, which does not need intensive plumbing work, and you can install it anywhere. A macerating toilet will use high-speed blades to breakdown the waste and send it through a normal pipe to the mainline.

Since it is easier and cheaper to connect a smaller pipe to the pre-existing piping, it makes it possible to place a toilet anywhere in the house. Keep in mind that some macerator toilet brands allow you to install it up to 150 feet from the main pipeline. That gives you great flexibility and range within your house.

How Much Do Plumbers Charge for Labor to Install a New Toilet?

A plumber’s labor charge will vary depending on how sophisticated the new toilet is and how long the installation will take.

Get the Best Plumber to Install Your Toilet

The home improvement market is experiencing an upsurge due to many homes aging and in need of urgent upgrades. Installing new toilets is a part of this home improvement regime, and homeowners rely on plumbers to get the job done. It’s critical to answer the question, “how much do plumbers charge?” for you to get the best value for your money. Call our office and trust in our team as we have the experience and knowledge required. We are licensed and bonded. 

A+ Plumbing & Rootering, Inc. is a friend to homeowners across our service areas who need to find the best quotes for their home improvement needs. Talk to us today for valuable home plumbing improvement advice to keep your home in good shape.

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