Main Line Sewer Cleaning for Princeton MN and the Central MN area

If several household drains are draining slowly, that’s a strong indication that the clog might be in the main sewer drain line. Be advised that if it is a clogged main line, anything you run will cause the toilet to percolate and come up into the bathtub or the basement. Tree roots are the primary cause of a clogged sewer line, especially in an older home.

Slow flowing drains, and gurgling noises from your toilet bowls are the first signs that your sewer system is being affected by tree roots. If you don’t take action to remove the roots, a complete sewer line block will occur. A clog in the main sewer line that goes ignored or unnoticed can lead to costly repairs, but can also expose your family to contaminated water. Resolving the problem should be done as quickly as possible to avoid backups and further cleanup and repair costs.

Take a look at the tell-tale signs of a clogged main sewer line by checking these fixtures: toilets, sinks, bathtubs and showers. If more than one drain is slow moving, gurgling, smells bad or has water backing up, you most likely have a main sewer clog. If your main sewer line is clogged, all the sewage and waste water sitting in the pipes have nowhere to escape. Which means, eventually, the sewage will force its way into a secondary drain.

When this happens, you’ll see and smell the sewage as it comes up from floor drains. Two common examples of this are when you flush your toilet and water backs up into the bathtub/shower or when you run your washing machine, sinks or toilets start to overflow.


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We can use our state-of-the-art video camera to inspect the sewer main line and identify the location and exact source of the problem, so we can visually check that your main line is thoroughly clean and there are no underlying issues. Our licensed plumber will run the camera from the pipes in your house through the underground sewer system making sure the line is completely cleaned and checking that there are no cracks, corrosion, or blockages left in the pipes.

The digital video camera provides an up-close, detailed inspection of the pipe walls, connecting pipe transitions and the interior condition of the pipe, including brakes, separations or damages. We can also get a clear image of all the fittings and connections, to determine the water flow from one line to another throughout the system.

Our high-tech video camera is connected to a flexible cable and then inserted into the main sewer line cleanout, or another accessible pipe, and then snaked through the line to find the source of the problem. We use a digital monitor to observe what is happening in your pipes, locate the problem, and identify any damage in the main line.

Our Locating Service can Find and Repair Problems in Your Sewer Line

Sewer cameras have location devices that send out a signal. Using a special signal receiver above ground, our plumber can then identify where the camera is underground. We can measure the distance in feet to the exact source of the problem in the sewer line; so if excavation is required, we can keep the labor costs to excavate and repair the problem to a minimum.

The sewer main drain is a crucial part of a home’s plumbing system. Unfortunately, since it is not visible, the main drain is also something most people don’t know much about. Over time proper flow through the sewer line may become restricted due to buildup of grease, paper, or other waste.

Occasionally, sewer pipes may collapse due to shifting soil after heavy rain. Also, in older homes pipes sometimes simply corrode over time and leakage can develop through the joints and seals. Whatever the reason, a blocked sewer line is going to cause problems, so don’t wait!

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All plumbing systems develop clogs over time, there’s really just no way around it. One of the most common plumbing problems we get calls on is when there is a slow-moving or clogged drain in the bathroom sink. Fortunately, a bathroom sink clog is usually a simple fix and all you need to get the sink draining properly again is a little time and the right tools.

Plumbing leaks can be expensive, not to mention an inconvenience. Turning your water supply off at the stopcock is the best way to prevent a leak from seriously damaging your home. It’s also good to have emergency home cover so you can limit repair costs and get expert help right away.

Yes, they do. After years of use, the mechanical parts of a toilet will wear out. For example, rubber flappers will dry out, crack, and leak. The harder your water is, the worse it is on metal components like pull chains. Mineral deposits will also reduce the flow of water through the rim holes under the lip of the toilet bowl. Regular cleaning and routine care will go a long way to improve your toilet’s function.

As a homeowner, you want to be aware of any problem that arises with your home to take care of it immediately. If not, it may turn into an even more significant issue. So when you are using your kitchen or bathroom sink and hear a gurgling sound coming from the drain, should you panic? Should you ignore it? Is there something wrong with the plumbing? Do you need to hire a plumber? If the drain is gurgling, there could be several factors at play, some requiring the assistance of a professional plumber.


Yet, with the help of A+ Plumbing & Rootering & Drain Experts, you won’t have to worry when asking yourself, “Why does my drain gurgle?” Here we will discuss the leading causes of a gurgling drain and what can be done to correct the situation:

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